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  • News – GZDSP 4-8XII awarded by EISA „Best Value DSP 2020-2021“ September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    The German Car&Hifi magazine has published the EISA award winners and phrased as follows*:

    Digital signal processors have grown in importance as enthusiasts seek to upgrade the performance of a car’s factory-fitted system, and Ground Zero’s affordable but versatile GZDSP 4-8XII is a superb addition to the market. Utilising the processing power of two Analog Devices Sigma DSPs, it features both line-level and speaker-level inputs, and offers 10-band EQ on each of its eight output channels, plus phase, crossover and time delay management. Its Windows-based real-time control program is easy to use, and a wired remote and Bluetooth adapter for wireless audio streaming and app control are optional extras. This DSP is simple to integrate and impressively flexible

    *freely translated

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  • News – NUCLEAR series GZNW SPL-D1/-D2 subwoofers September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    Taking the time to launch a worthy successor for the legendary NUCLEAR SPL subwoofers,
    GROUND ZERO developed two extraordinary power capable models with huge SPL output for daily use and SPL competition purpose.
    These new models are available with 2x 1-ohm as well as 2x 2-ohms voice coils.

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  • News – RADIOACTIVE series speaker system GZRF SQ Series Coaxial Speakers September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    Following the very successful RADIOACTIVE component loudspeaker systems introduced in the end of 2019, the time has come to lift the coaxial speakers of the line to the next SQ level, too. For this reason, each of the 2-way coaxial speakers include a new 25 mm / 1 “ silk dome tweeter leading to an amazing music reproduction.

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  • News – ACCESSORY series GZAP 70Y September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    Offering a wide range of SPL and SQ subwoofers for DIY customers calculating and building the matching enclosure on their own, GROUND ZERO launches an optimized air-flow ventilation port to be used for all kind of vented enclosures.

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  • News – PLUTONIUM series subwoofer GZPW 15XXmax September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    Introducing the GZPW 15Xmax three years ago, GROUND ZERO set a benchmark for high power long-stroke subwoofers on the market. Collecting practical experiences from installers and competitors all over the world, the brand new GZPW 15XXmax received some improvements and a re-designed motor system reducing the installation depth. Tuning the parameters result into an even lower resonance frequency of less then 32 Hz.

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  • News – DSP – DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING series GZDSP BTB-APP September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    The brand-new GZDSP BTB-APP adds not only wireless audio streaming to your GZDSP PRO device but gives you the control of some main features using your mobile device. The matching app is available for iOS and Android systems.

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  • News – Noise Damping products GZDM 1400NB-GOLD September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    Multilayer, non-inflammable damping material consisting of an adhesive polymer layer based on elastomeric composition, protected with an anti-adhesive paper and a top layer of nonwoven textile. To be used for sound-insulating coating in vehicles reducing noise and vibration. This way, the music reproduction gains clarity and accuracy drastically over a wide frequency range.

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  • News – GZTF X Series Coaxial Speakers September 1, 2020 by groundzero

    Some say, never change a running system. For this reason, GROUND ZERO did not even dare to change the performance of the GZTF coaxial speakers. However, there is one important detail that was replaced for the new X generation. These new models come with the familiar hexagon style protection grill.

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  • News – GZPA Reference 4PURE-SQ April 7, 2020 by groundzero

    It´s hardly possible to improve one of the best sounding amplifiers on the market. Nevertheless, GROUND ZERO selected some latest electronical parts and spent hours of listening to improve the parameters in detail! A new and improved pre-amp section, enhanced BIAS range and most of all a better Signal-to-Noise ratio deliver a clearly audible enhancement in Sound Quality of the SQ version.

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  • News – GZDM DOORKIT PRO April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    All you need for an efficient noise reduction of two doors within one package. The new PRO version not only includes 3 different types of damping materials, but in addition two sheets of GZDA 1200AL-GOLD, a pure aluminum plate leading to an increased effect of the overall damping.

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