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  • News – GZPA Reference 4PURE-SQ April 7, 2020 by groundzero

    It´s hardly possible to improve one of the best sounding amplifiers on the market. Nevertheless, GROUND ZERO selected some latest electronical parts and spent hours of listening to improve the parameters in detail! A new and improved pre-amp section, enhanced BIAS range and most of all a better Signal-to-Noise ratio deliver a clearly audible enhancement in Sound Quality of the SQ version.

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  • News – GZDM DOORKIT PRO April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    All you need for an efficient noise reduction of two doors within one package. The new PRO version not only includes 3 different types of damping materials, but in addition two sheets of GZDA 1200AL-GOLD, a pure aluminum plate leading to an increased effect of the overall damping.

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  • News – GZCS W-200MB.RH April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    All left-hand drive (LHD) Mercedes customers have been offered GROUND ZERO subwoofers to upgrade the OEM sound system already since last year. Now, the line-up has been extended by woofers for right-hand drive (RHD) models, too. The subwoofers are available separately for the driver´s and the passenger´s side.

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  • News – GZTT 20S April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    High efficiency paired with good sound quality…that is the TITANIUM speaker line. For the new X generation GROUND ZERO added a completely new 20 mm / 0.79” silk dome tweeter to the component speaker systems of the line-up. This amazingly good sounding tweeter is available separately for individual sound upgrades of existing speaker systems. The package includes accessories for flush mount and angled surface housings.

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  • News – GZRW 38-D2 April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    While GZRW 30-D2 delivers already a bunch of low bass for every day music listening,
    the new 15” version tops that performance by even more earth-shaking bass for all those who need “a little” bit more.

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  • News – GZCA 20.0SPL-M1 April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    Finally, after a long evaluation period, GROUND ZERO launches the most powerful
    mono subwoofer amplifier available on the market for every-day use.

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  • News – GZHW XSPL Subwoofer April 2, 2020 by groundzero

    GROUND ZERO improved the performance of the HYDROGEN series SPL subwoofers. The new XSPL generation comes with a completely new surround, developed for high excursion and outrageous SPL. Furthermore, the line-up includes not only the double 1-ohm models but double 2-ohms voice coil versions, too.

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  • News – RESPECT YOUR CAR // Mercedes Benz March 25, 2020 by groundzero

    “RESPECT YOUR CAR” – Following this guideline, Ground Zero offers a wide range of car specific audio solutions.

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  • News – GZCC 165.2SQL / 200.2SQL / GZCX 165 / 200.2SQL November 29, 2019 by groundzero

    The new loudspeaker systems of the COMPETITION series meet the demand of many customers for a perfectly matched 2-way system for special purposes … with high power handling and a particularly high output level. The passive crossover, which is included in the 2-way systems with 165 mm / 6.5” or 200 mm / 8” midwoofer, offers the possibility to connect further midwoofers and tweeters for even higher levels and dynamics. The crossover is also available separately in pairs.

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  • News – GZCK 165/200/250XSPL + GZCK 250XSPL Grill November 29, 2019 by groundzero

    Loudspeakers of the COMPETITION series are characterized by a particularly high degree of efficiency and are therefore also ideally suited for ambitious projects. The new woofers and midrange drivers are available in standard sizes of 165, 200 and 250 mm. While the protective grilles are already included in the smaller models, GZCK 250XSPL Grill for the largest version of the line is available separately. Traditionally, these speakers are available single, one piece per package.

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