After collecting detailed experience in SQ performance and general in-car audio reproduction for more than 25 years during the development of loudspeakers, subwoofers and amplifiers for highly demanding customers and having launched a wide range of car audio products used for sound quality competitions all over the world, GROUND ZERO had started to take advantage of all these gathered skills devising a very new and super high-end product line. For the most sophisticated demands, GROUND ZERO introduces an extraordinary two-channel amplifier and matching loudspeakers now! REFERENCE ULTRA series products are developed by highly attentive engineers from England, Sweden and Germany creating products for the most demanding customers without accepting any compromise in overall quality and SQ performance.

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ULTRA Amplifier

The results of three years of development, uncountable listening sessions, comparisons, tuning and testing led to the GZ ULTRA A-2, the most advanced analogue amplifier on the market uniting perfectly selected components reduced to the minimum of distractingly influencing aspects creating a masterpiece of an amplifier, matching our very own intention and everybody´s uncompromised expectations, worth to be called ultra-high-end.

Not a huge surprise but a great honour, the performance of the GZ ULTRA A-2 charmed the members of the EISA, a group of international car audio trade journalists, right from the very first listening sessions that much that there was any doubt about the decision to award this amplifier as


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ULTRA Speaker Components

ULTRA speakers are designed for the most demanding music lover.

Carefully built by hand with the best materials and selected in pairs, they are delivered in fine wooden boxes.

The mid-bass driver ULTRA K-165 uses a high-tech fabric cone “Made in Germany” in conjunction with linear suspension and a narrow-tolerance copper voice coil with a linearized NEO motor. Built in a filigree aluminum basket for optimal air flow, these are the ingredients for outstanding neutrality and sound quality.

The tweeter ULTRA T-30 with its 30mm coated silk dome is characterized by a particularly low resonance frequency and extreme neutrality. The linearized NEO magnet system with the complex rear ventilation of the cone in the solid aluminum housing enables the wonderfully spatial and precise audio reproduction with an extremely wide frequency range.

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ULTRA Accessories