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Lately, GROUND ZERO introduced the new IRIDIUM series component loudspeakers with a particularly shaped HQPP cone with 3-D honeycomb structure. Expanding the line-up for the fans of SPL levels, the GZ engineers created a high-power capable component speaker system including the high-roll IRIDIUM GZIK 165SPL midwoofer (available separately, as well) and combined it with the GZCT 25M tweeter known from the COMPETITION line. Pointing out its main purpose, the components have been highlighted with yellow color accents, letting everyone know about the GZ SPL affiliation.

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News – IRIDIUM BR-ACT Active Enclosures

In addition to the latest passive GZIB vented enclosures equipped with the new generation of IRIDIUM subwoofers, three models are available with a built-in full feature powerful class A/B amplifier. High-level input with auto-on function, variable 12 dB/oct low-pass filtering, an adjustable bass boost and a phase inversion switch and a quick-release power connector simplify the installation in most vehicles.

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News – IRIDIUM GZIW 12XSPL-D2 Subwoofer

The new IRIDIUM series XSPL-D2 subwoofers feature the GZ-design resonance-free steel basket and a new reinforced paper cone with 3-D honeycomb structure.
Combined with an optimized motor the 2.5” copper voice coil handles up to 1000 watts SPL.
The yellow-colored stitching underlines the special appearance and purpose of these models letting them stand out among other models.
The Pink Edition version will find its fans who prefer the pink color instead of the well known yellow.

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News – IRIDIUM SPL Enclosures

The new IRIDIUM series SPL enclosures feature the new 12” XSPL-D2 subwoofer, introduced recently. With the new 3-D honeycomb structured reinforced paper cone and an optimized motor with 2.5” copper voice coil, the power handling peaks at 1000 Watts SPL delivering a bunch of bass output. Beside the single subwoofer enclosure GZIB 12SPL, the top model GZIB 2.12SPL contains two subwoofers meeting even highest bass level demands.

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News – COMPETITION GZCA 1500.M1 & 3000.M1

During the last few years, GROUND ZERO COMPETITION series class D amplifiers have become a benchmark for huge power output at a very fair price level.
The next generation of class D high-power amplifiers starts by launching two brand-new models covering the essential demand of subwoofers rated at 1500 and 3000 Watts at 1 ohm load.
Further models will follow, shortly.

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News – HYDROGEN Loudspeakers

For some years customers were missing matching loudspeaker components and systems belonging to the GROUND ZERO HYDROGEN series to be combined with its amplifiers and subwoofers. Based on the aluminum cast basket known from the URANIUM series midwoofer, the engineers have realized a powerful 6.5” midwoofer with a strong ferrite motor and a generously dimensioned CCA voice coil. In combination with the brand-new vented silk dome tweeter GZHT 25S equipped with a coupled chamber and a 2-way passive crossover, the new HYDROGEN series GZHC 165.2 2-way system is born. The loudspeakers are available, separately for active setups, as well.

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Two brand-new and particularly powerful Class D amplifiers are now expanding the GROUND ZERO product range.
Both models, a 2-channel and a 4-channel version, each offering several helpful features, include a high-level input,
simplifying the connection of the amplifiers to factory head-units. Ideal partners for all loudspeakers of the RADIOACTIVE series.

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Even high-quality tweeters are hardly capable of reproducing frequencies below 2000 Hz clearly and without distortion without accepting a limitation regarding the maximum output level. The sensitive mid-range must therefore usually be processed by a separate midrange loudspeaker. Due to the low resonance frequency of 440 Hz, the GZPF 40SQX can be used in full-active mode with the high-pass set to a frequency of 900 Hz even at higher levels and offers an extraordinarily clear and realistic sound performance as well as a detailed stage image thanks to phase-correct reproduction. With its small dimensions, the solid and polished stainless-steel housing can be installed at positions intended for tweeters.

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In the URANIUM SQ series, awarded by EISA as the best in-car speaker system 2021/22,
the new GZUC 165.3SQ 3-way system is now available in addition to the existing 2-way version.
The excellent sounding GZUM 55SQ silk dome midrange is part of the system offering flexible installation.
For fully active use, this set is also available as an ACT version without crossovers included.

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The revised GZUF 60SQ-A can transmit the entire frequency response in the mid and high frequency range and therefore doesn´t require an additional tweeter.
This ensures phase-correct voice and music reproduction. The highly efficient neodymium motor has been improved using Klippel®.
Two differently sized hexagon style grilles are included offering great flexibility for the installation.

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NEWS – URANIUM Series Subwoofer

After having introduced the new URANIUM series SQ loudspeaker generation GROUND ZERO revised the previous
SQX line subwoofers, starting with the 12” model.
Small changes in detail and tuning the parameters result in even better performance than before especially in small and sealed enclosures.
The new product name visualizes the used 2” / 50 mm dual voice coil with 2 ohms impedance each.

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News – URANIUM Series Speakers

The URANIUM series is aimed at the expectations of music enthusiasts with serious audiophile intentions.
After a long period of production time of the previous loudspeaker models, which have been discontinued, GROUND ZERO launches
the brand new successors. The 2-way component speaker system is now available as a passive version
as well as without the crossovers for active solutions. In addition, the tweeter GZUT 28SQ and the midwoofer GZUK 165SQ
just like the midrange GZUM 80SQ are also available separately in pairs to create an individual setup.

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News – URANIUM Series boxes

After having introduced the new URANIUM series SQ loudspeaker generation GROUND ZERO decided to offer matching vented enclosure subwoofers, as well.
Following this idea there are three vented enclosure subwoofers available, now.
Built from solid MDF with rounded edges and an understated color combination of black carpet and grey color contrasts for the embroidery,
protective struts and the ventilation port these models will fit unobtrusively to the car´s trunk.
The 4-pin GZ push terminal with bridging clips allow simple wiring of both 2-ohms voice coils in parallel or serial way.
The enclosures are available with an 8”, 10” or 12”

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