Amplifier with DSP

The advantage of the DSP technology is available as a built-in feature with amplifiers, too. For example, integrated into a 4-channel amplifier with 8-channel DSP and 4-channel pre-out.

DSP Series


21329011: 4-channel amplifier with 8-channel DSP

Car Specific Series

CAR SPECIFIC Upgrade for the OEM sound system

Most OEM speaker systems cannot completely satisfy the expectations of sophisticated customers. Especially the basic equipment leaves a lot of space for improvements of dynamics and sound quality.
Installing car specific aftermarket speakers is a simple way to enhance the audio system.
GROUND ZERO´s line of CAR SPECIFIC solutions consists of various components designed for upgrading the OEM audio systems of modern cars easily.


21230010: 4-channel amplifier with 8-channel DSP and ISO harness