Mono Amplifier

In order to supply power-hungry subwoofers adequately and get the highest performance, a powerful and stable amplifier is required.
For this purpose, a mono-block is the best choice to drive either one or even several voice coils.
GROUND ZERO offers a model meeting the usual request in almost every line.

Hydrogen Series

High-Grade Technology

Products of the HYDROGEN series match with the demands of highly sophisticated customers.
Amazing performance, great sound quality and high SPL whenever required.
The subwoofers have been developed to handle a huge amount of input power reaching extremely high bass levels, to be used successfully even under competition conditions.
A matching 2-way component speaker system and a number of MINI amplifiers with compact dimensions for limited installation space complete this famous GROUND ZERO line-up.


11124020: 1-channel class D compact amplifier


11124021: 1-channel class D compact amplifier


11124031: 1-channel class D compact amplifier for 24V use

Iridium Series

Top Performance @ Entry Level

Representing the entry level of GROUND ZERO, the IRIDIUM line offers a lot of useful features and an amazing performance. The range contains a variety of affordable amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers for the daily use and for SPL purpose.
These are available as single drivers for custom-built applications as well as in loaded passive and active enclosures.

GZIA 1.1500D

11127023: 1-channel high quality class D amplifier

GZIA 1.2000D

11127024: 1-channel high quality class D amplifier

Competition Series

Realistic Stage Atmosphere

The experience of a real concert atmosphere or club feeling needs professional high SPL levels to be achieved.
This however, requires very special and powerful speakers as well as amplifiers. GROUND ZERO´s development department doesn´t make any compromise,
whenever the purpose of the product is that clear. Because of this, a COMPETITION product is the right choice for demanding customers with high SPL level expectations.

GZCA 1500.M1

11128100: 1-channel competition SPL amplifier

GZCA 1500.M2

11128101: 1-channel competition SPL amplifier

GZCA 3000.M1

11128102: 1-channel competition SPL amplifier

GZCA 3000.M2

11128103: 1-channel competition SPL amplifier

GZCA 6000.M1

11128104: 1-channel competition SPL amplifier

Car Specific Series

CAR SPECIFIC Upgrade for the OEM sound system

Most OEM speaker systems cannot completely satisfy the expectations of sophisticated customers. Especially the basic equipment leaves a lot of space for improvements of dynamics and sound quality.
Installing car specific aftermarket speakers is a simple way to enhance the audio system.
GROUND ZERO´s line of CAR SPECIFIC solutions consists of various components designed for upgrading the OEM audio systems of modern cars easily.

GZCS A-1.650D

11130010: 1-channel high-performance class D amplifier