Ultimate Performance

With several particular features of the High End PLUTONIUM line, GROUND ZERO managed to position the NUCLEAR line products at a lower price level. Nevertheless, the amazingly sounding speakers are partly “Made in Germany”.
The subwoofers are predestined for high level audio setups as well as for SPL competition while massive multi-channel and impressively powerful mono amplifiers deliver excellent performance.

Nuclear Speaker Components

ULTRA speakers are designed for the most demanding music lover.

Carefully built by hand with the best materials and selected in pairs, they are delivered in fine wooden boxes.

The mid-bass driver ULTRA K-165 uses a high-tech fabric cone “Made in Germany” in conjunction with linear suspension and a narrow-tolerance copper voice coil with a linearized NEO motor. Built in a filigree aluminum basket for optimal air flow, these are the ingredients for outstanding neutrality and sound quality.

The tweeter ULTRA T-30 with its 30mm coated silk dome is characterized by a particularly low resonance frequency and extreme neutrality. The linearized NEO magnet system with the complex rear ventilation of the cone in the solid aluminum housing enables the wonderfully spatial and precise audio reproduction with an extremely wide frequency range.

REFERENCE speakers are designed for demanding high-end music lovers. Accurately hand built in Europe, selected in corresponding pairs and delivered in classy wooden boxes. Midbass and midrange speakers are made from hand-coated, pressed paper cones and hand-spooled copper voice coils, inserted into manually machined aluminum parts of the basket, forming the basis for outstanding high-end sound quality. The tweeter features a particularly low resonance frequency. The usable wide frequency range of the hand-coated silk dome thus enables astonishingly spatial and precise audio reproduction.

In order to compile an individual sound quality setup at highest level, the speakers of the PLUTONIUM line are available in pairs as components separately.
In order to compile an individual sound quality setup, the speakers of the NUCLEAR line are available in pairs as components separately.
Using outstanding materials for the cones and accurate tuning, these speakers provide an amazing sound quality performance. The drivers are available for active setups, separately.
For some years customers were missing matching loudspeaker components and systems belonging to the GROUND ZERO HYDROGEN series to be combined with its amplifiers and subwoofers. Based on a particularly designed aluminum cast basket the engineers have realized a powerful 6.5” midwoofer with a strong ferrite motor and oversized CCA voice coil. In combination with a vented silk dome tweeter equipped with a coupled chamber and a passive crossover, the new HYDROGEN series 2-way system is born for customers looking for an extraordinary performance. The loudspeakers are available separately for active setups, as well.
Some components of the RADIOACTIVE loudspeaker systems are also available separately.
The IRIDIUM line includes a wide range of coaxial and component speaker systems in the favorable price segment and a separately available tweeter.
For high-frequency and mid-range reproduction, the COMPETITION series offers a variety of high-efficient far-field compression tweeters and various midrange speakers. The latter can be used in free-air applications as well as in horn or bass reflex systems.
Speaker components of the COMPETITION PRO series are specially designed for a long distance to the listener and are particularly suitable for show and demonstration purposes with high sound pressure levels.


32122010: 22 mm / 0.87″ high performance tweeter


32122120: 28 mm / 1.1″ silk dome tweeter and coupled chamber


32322010: 165 mm / 6.5″ high performance midwoofer


32322011: 165 mm / 6.5″ SQ midwoofer with supreme sound quality

Nuclear Subwoofer

For most accurate bass performance, the unique REFERENCE subwoofer comes with a lot of particular solutions, such as a number of linearization parts added to the magnet system optimizing the impedance and eliminating distortion.

This exceptional subwoofer has been optimized to perform in small enclosures.

The PLUTONIUM subwoofers are probably the most famous GROUND ZERO products. Starting from the market release, the subwoofers have set benchmarks in all SPL competitions around the world and have been awarded for best performance by numerous test magazines. By using extremely durable components and solid constructions, the PLUTONIUM subwoofers are particularly suitable for SPL competition use. They are able to convert enormous amplification power into sound pressure and thus provide the basis for the success.
Paired with the yellow colored surround stitch and an ultra-solid as well as perfectly ventilated aluminum cast basket, the SPL subwoofers with ferrite or neodymium motor are predestined for high level audio setups and for SPL competition, too. The Xmax called versions expand the line of long excursion models providing excellent low bass performance.
High performance speaker setups require equivalent low frequency extension. The URANIUM line subwoofers match perfectly and offer various enclosure options.
The HYDROGEN SPL subwoofer line-up contains a great variety of models in many different sizes for various demands. Massive aluminum cast baskets and a lot of further technologies enhance the reachable SPL level. For an individual setup each model is available in typical yellow or in green. GROUND ZERO even offers some models in pink color matching mainly female requests.
RADIOACTIVE SPL subwoofers include some particular technologies for SPL use at a very reasonable price. The right choice for dedicated SPL competition rookies. In contrast to the line of SPL versions, the RADIOACTIVE street subwoofers have the main focus set on excellent low bass performance for everyday use.
When space is limited, special solutions are required. That’s why GROUND ZERO’s offers two particularly flat subwoofers in the TITANIUM line.
The subwoofers of the IRIDIUM line are available as SPL models or Street versions for daily use.
To extend the bass range, GROUND ZERO offers some particularly efficient woofers in the COMPETITION series.
Subwoofers of the COMPETITION PRO series are specially designed for a long distance to the listener and are particularly suitable for show and demonstration purposes with high sound pressure levels.


51422010: 38 cm / 15″ high performance SPL subwoofer


51422011: 38 cm / 15″ high performance SPL subwoofer

GZNW 15Xmax

51422030: 38 cm / 15″ high power long stroke subwoofer


51422040: 38 cm / 15″ high power SPL subwoofer with neodymium motor


51522010: 30 cm / 12″ high performance SPL subwoofer


51522011: 30 cm / 12″ high performance SPL subwoofer

GZNW 12Xmax

51522030: 30 cm / 12″ high power SPL subwoofer

GZNW 12SPL-Xflex

51522050: 30 cm / 12″ high performance SPL subwoofer